Nurse scrubs, or uniforms for nurses that are designed to be comfortable and professional at the same time, come in a number of different styles. From white lab coats and white scrubs to long sleeved baggy or sweat pants, nursing uniforms can be worn for comfort as well as practicality. While it’s true that some nurses feel that they don’t need to make an impression because they’re already covered by their profession with scrubs, that isn’t necessarily so. Nursing is a very important profession that requires the ability to look professional no matter what the situation, whether it’s from a bedside manner or just as a preventative measure for employees. The days of wearing sweatpants to work, which was more or less standard across many professions decades ago, have certainly come and gone, but there’s no reason a nurse shouldn’t wear something comfortable while they’re working.

There are also a number of different materials that are used for the production of nursing scrubs, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and even Lycra. Each fabric has its own advantages and drawbacks for each type of environment and each type of clothing, but many nurses prefer to wear a cotton, polyester, or nylon material due to their breathability and ease of care. They can be machine washed without problems and they tend to hold up quite well when they get old and wrinkled. Many nurses choose not to wash their nursing scrubs as often, choosing to wash them only about once every couple of months.

Another huge benefit to using medical scrubs is that they’re much easier on the back than pants for most professionals who have to sit down for long periods of time in medical positions. Because there are no real pockets or openings in these scrubs, nurses can more easily bend their backs without pain and strain. It doesn’t take a lot of bending to aggravate a back that has been injured or strained from a sitting position for years, and this can help to prevent serious medical conditions and other problems that will arise from sitting down too long. Although some doctors and medical professionals recommend the use of solid colors with stripes for easier recognition, most nurses and many other medical professionals agree that they are much more comfortable to wear scrubs made of lighter colors and lighter fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and other less heavy materials.

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