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Why Choose Fuyi as Your Partner?

Know More About Fuyi

Fuyi Group was founded in 1966. We are one of the largest textile manufacturers in northeast China and the top 10 professional uniform fabric suppliers in China. We own strong logistics and also established an affiliate program. Besides, we set up a uniforms factory in Myanmar to achieve the most efficient production cost. 

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Good feedback from a large number of customers

Nearly 30 years after we began to engage in export in 1995, we have built a strong customer base and received good feedback from them, mainly focusing on three aspects: design, fabrics, and services.

Our design team has 50 years of comprehensive design experience. In order to keep up with the times, we are contributing to creating a batch of the most fashionable scrubs. And to meet the personal needs of sellers, we can also carry out relevant personalized designs.

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Secondly,  to move forward in the clothing industry, we not only consider the needs of appearance but also take the improvement of product fabrics as another major goal when we update our products. Since our establishment in 1966, we have been nurses. As a clothing fabric manufacturer, it has the integrated production capacity and R&D capabilities from fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and garment making, and can fully control the quality of fabrics and garments.


After meeting the needs of styles and fabrics, service awareness in the process of connecting with customers is a key factor in determining the transaction rate and word of mouth. We are also committed to doing good services. The smooth output of good products is closely related to the service mechanism of the company. In the early communication with customers, we do not use rhetoric as an attractive bargaining chip but combine it with market analysis. To help them find products that are most suitable for local sales from the perspective of their customers. Products sold, seeking win-win long-term cooperation. In addition, our service to customers does not stop at the delivery of products. To maximize the customer’s service experience, we also provide after-sales service. If you have any questions about products, our professional after-sales team will also answer them as soon as possible.

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Continuous improvement of the company itself

Fuyi’s development of the company never stops at the present but considers it from a longer-term perspective to further improve. Therefore, while we continue to iteratively update products, we are also paying attention to product transportation. Fuyi has built a 1,000 square meter warehouse system and uses a new EPR system to monitor inbound and outbound data in real-time, with its powerful supply chain to ensure timely order delivery. In the future, we will also continue to cooperate with other enterprises to help them realize their brand dreams. And expanding thousands of network agents around the world, and providing strong financial and product support for our partners.

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