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How to Seize the International Trend to Build a Personal Brand?

The choice of the potential market and the status quo of nurse clothing

The demand for the scrub suits is growing due to an increase in demand from the medical & health care sector coupled with stringent regulations imposed by the government on medical safety. Rising covid-19 cases has an increasing patient pool in hospitals, which is an opportunity for the market. The Asia Pacific dominated the market in terms of revenue. While the North America region will be the fastest-growing region over the forecast period. Fabric types are dominating the market due to the growing demand from the medical garment industry.


If you want to catch the international trend, you must choose the market first. From the current international market of nurse uniforms, the Asia Pacific nurse market has become mature. So it faces great pressure and challenges to launch new brands in it. However, the nurse uniforms market in Europe and the United States is not completely stable. So it is more likely to create a new brand.  Therefore, Fuyi first locked in Europe and the United States in terms of the target market and chose the right direction for the success of the brand.

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Fuyi’s response and the output of new products

Based on the existing market trends, blindly following the mainstream may lead to blindness and over-reliance on the market, losing individual brand thinking. In order to maintain the stability and creative thinking of the product. Fuyi chooses to update the thinking in stages, which can not only grasp the market trend. Grasp the latest trends, but also maintain the stability of the product output. And the periodic interval can make it think and create more new highlights from the user’s point of view on the basis of conforming to the mainstream aesthetics.


Fuyi’s phased update thinking can grasp the market trend and grasp the latest developments. And on the basis of conforming to the mainstream aesthetics, thinking, and creating more new highlights from the perspective of users. In the newly launched 309 series, the thinking of environmental protection is integrated. Making the nurse scrubs is not only a brand product but also a force to protect the earth. And considering the personalized ideas of medical staff, a replaceable Velcro is also designed on the cuff of the nurse scrubs, which can be replaced according to the user’s preferences and interests.

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