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Navy Blue Scrubs For Surgeons and Nurses

Do you have a favorite color for your scrubs? Maybe navy blue is one of your favorite colors. Or perhaps you have a hard time choosing a color. Whatever the case may be, navy blue scrubs are the perfect choice for any medical professional. These practical outfits are comfortable and look great on both men and women. With many different styles and designs to choose from, you can make your scrubs truly unique. Here are some of your top choices.


Women’s scrubs in navy blue are perfect for any healthcare workplace. The soft fabric feels good against your skin. You can find hospital nurse uniformS in different styles and designs. If you’re a bit pickier, consider getting scrubs in bright orange. It’s a great color for scrubs, but it can be overpowering. Light shades of violet and green work well with navy blue. But beware of too-bright orange.

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Navy blue scrubs are the uniform of many medical professionals, including nurses and nursing assistants. The color of a nurse’s scrubs can have a major impact on the impression a patient will have of a professional. Patients often see a nurse’s attire as an indication of their level of authority and cheeriness. For this reason, it is important to choose the right color. Listed below are some reasons to choose navy blue scrubs for your position.


Navy blue scrubs for surgeons are a common sight on the wards of hospitals, but are they really the best choice for the surgical staff? While some hospitals prefer coordinating their staff’s color schemes, others do not. In either case, there are several benefits to choosing a uniform in this color. For one thing, you’ll be easier to spot when the surgical team wears the same color. At the same time, navy blue scrubs for surgeons are very striking and flattering. In addition, they will hide stains well and keep the patients’ eyes comfortable during the procedure.

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The color of your scrubs can have a great impact on the mood of your patients. The black and grey colors have strong associations with aggression and authority while softer shades of pink and purple promote closer relationships. Red, particularly rosy red, has a calming effect while stronger shades of blue-red can be uninspiring. Despite the obvious impact of color on patient mood, there are many reasons to avoid wearing a uniform that is too intensely saturated in any shade.

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Navy blue scrubs are still the most common color worn by nurses in the Cooper medical center. This shade of blue is traditionally considered manly, according to one trauma surgeon, who noted that the color was a better choice than lavender because the blood doesn’t show up as well on dark-blue scrubs. But today, navy blue scrubs are not the only color worn by nurses. Nurses at Chestnut Hill Hospital, Einstein emergency room, Hahnemann hospital, and Cooper medical center wear navy blue scrubs.

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