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Grasp Market Trends From the Perspective of Gender

Global gender distribution of nurse uniforms

Based on product type, gender divides the global scrub suits market into three categories: women’s scrub suit sets, and men’s scrub suit sets. The women’s scrub suit sets segment dominated the global scrub suit sets market. And the women’s scrub suit sets segment will grow at the fastest growth rate during the forecast period of 2020-2028.

For female nurses, nurse scrubs usually consist of a top and trousers. And in order to facilitate daily work, the version of nurse scrubs is usually wider. But women’s love for beauty will make them choose nurse scrubs. Choosing a more designed nurse scrub gives the female nurse scrub market greater potential. So the creation of female nurse scrubs should be more focused on eye-catching designs.

For male nurses, most of the nurse scrubs they wear are to reduce the risk of cross-infection and reduce the possibility of virus infestation during work. Moreover, nurse scrubs are used frequently as work clothes. To reduce the replacement frequency of nurse scrubs, durability has become the primary need for male nurses to choose. Therefore, if you want to seize the market of male nurses, you must start with the material and pay close attention to the quality of nurse clothes.

The unisex nurse uniform has both.  It should design to fit the needs of both genders, and the material must be durable and durable.


Fuyi responds from the gender market of nurse clothes

And Fuyi also saw these three types of audiences. Starting from production and creating many styles and fabrics of nurse scrubs to seize the market of both genders. Among the nurse scrubs launched by Fuyi for women, the loose version of the nurse scrubs has been changed, and the waistline is designed more, which can better show the beauty of women, and there are multiple colors to choose from, which further enhances the choice. In terms of fabrics, Fuyi provides multiple series of fabrics, each corresponding to a corresponding reasonable price, making its audience wider.

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