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Different Types of Medical Scrubs

The evolution of medical scrubs from white to colorful or multicolored garments has made it possible for healthcare professionals to establish a positive relationship with patients. Warm colors and simple designs are helpful in establishing a positive relationship with patients. In fact, a 2019 study showed that multi-colored scrubs reduce children’s discomfort and help doctors to establish a positive relationship with young patients. Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, medical scrubs have come a long way from their plain, white origins.

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Synthetic scrubs

The primary difference between natural and synthetic materials is the type of fabric. Natural fibers absorb moisture, while synthetic materials are designed to be durable. The best option is a blend of both cotton and polyester. Polyester scrubs are easy to maintain and wrinkle-free. Cotton scrubs, on the other hand, tend to shrink when washed. Therefore, manufacturers usually blend cotton with polyester to create a more comfortable and breathable fabric.

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Cotton scrubs

Cotton is an eco-friendly, soft fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton does not cause your skin to sweat, so you can wear these scrubs all day without feeling clammy. Additionally, cotton scrubs are durable, easy to wash, and wrinkle-free. Cotton medical scrubs are popular among nurses and doctors because of these benefits. But, cotton can be expensive. For this reason, we recommend you choose a fabric blend that combines the advantages of both cotton and other fibers.


Spandex scrubs

Spandex fashion medical scrubs are made of a unique blend of two materials. One is polyester, which has the durability of cotton, and the other is spandex, which provides flexibility and stretch. Both materials are extremely easy to care for. Poly/spandex blends are softer than cotton, and they are usually wrinkle-free. This type of fabric also dries quickly, and most of them are machine washable on a delicate cycle. When washing, be sure to lay the scrubs flat or hang them to dry.


Unisex scrubs

Unisex fashion medical scrubs are designed for all types of health care professionals. These specialized garments feature a V-neckline, two bottom patch pockets, a side vent, and natural rise tapered legs. They’re made from a durable, washable fabric made of 65% polyester/35% cotton. The material is comfortable to wear and offers a professional look for both men and women.


Patterned scrubs

If you’re looking for a good pattern for fashionable patterned medical scrubs, consider one of the many low-cost or free resources available online. Many of these patterns are hospital-approved, making them perfect for a hospital environment. A good pattern includes a V-neck top, set-in sleeves, patch pockets, and side slits, as well as a gusset and elastic waistband. The patterns also include illustrations to make the sewing process easier.

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