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While choosing your new scrubs, you should consider how your personality will be portrayed by different color choices. Solid-dark-colored scrubs can connote a reliable and boring personality that lacks imagination and creativity. While solid-dark-colored scrubs will not hurt your career prospects, they can limit your social interaction with coworkers. Injecting a little color into your look is a great way to break this stereotype.


When it comes to choosing colors for your nursing scrubs, you have many options. In general, you can go with any color, but some colors are better suited for certain jobs than others. Green, for instance, is calming and works well for surgeons. It also helps hide bright blood stains and prolongs scrub wear time. Another color that’s great for doctors is grey, which blends into the background without distracting patients.

Most hospitals have a specific color code, but others do not. Color coding makes it easy for other hospital staff, patients, and visitors to distinguish between nurses and other workers. It’s also easier to recognize people in different departments than to try to decipher names on name tags. For this reason, color-coding is more common in larger medical settings. However, the color scheme may vary slightly, so check with your nursing agency to determine the proper color schemes for your facility.

Some hospitals have color coding policies so that nurses in the NICU wear powder pink scrubs while cardiologists wear red. Various research has shown that colors affect people’s perceptions and emotions. Some colors are perceived to be calming and reassuring, while others are viewed as clean and professional. For this reason, hospitals try to choose the right colors for each department. If you’re wondering why to check out the following:

Lighter shades of blue are also considered to be calming, easing anxiety among patients. They also help patients feel more comfortable when they’re undergoing surgery, as they are not authority figures. They are there to help patients feel comfortable, and their appearance can do that. Colors that have an association with blood such as red are best avoided. In contrast, green is considered a calm color, which makes it easier to hide stains.

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There are a variety of patterns of nurse scrubs that can be bought or made. The first pattern available is zero-waste. The pattern includes a V-neck top with set-in sleeves and a v-neck, patch pockets, side slits, elastic waistband, and in-seam pockets. The trousers feature elastic waistbands and gussets. These patterns include clear, printable sewing instructions.

You can purchase a pattern of scrubs for any size, shape, and style. There are also patterns for men, women, and plus sizes. Scrubs patterns can feature trendy designs such as asymmetric hems, unique patterns, and ribbing leg cuffs. You can find a pattern that is both comfortable and flattering. You can even sew your own scrubs if you like to customize details.

If you prefer a more plain design, you can choose one of the many hospital approved scrubs. These can be found in a variety of colors including black, navy, and dark blue. If you decide to sew your own scrubs, be sure to choose the appropriate thread and materials for the material. Poly cotton scrubs should be made of at least 115GSM of material. They should be able to withstand wash-and-wear.

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The choice of fabric for your nurse scrubs is important for a number of reasons. Scrubs need to be comfortable and made of soft materials, so it’s important to find the perfect material. Medical scrubs made of stretch fabric are popular among health professionals. Four-way stretch fabric is made of soft materials and can stretch both lengthwise and crosswise. The goal of stretch fabric is to provide maximum freedom of movement, making it the ideal material for nurses, medical professionals, and other active people.

Choose a fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and breathable. Cotton tends to shrink if it gets wet, so make sure to choose a high-quality option. Polyester scrubs resist stains and wrinkles and are easy to care for. They are also less likely to shrink or stretch when worn. If you aren’t concerned about the material’s durability, consider a polyester or cotton/spandex blend.

Scrub fabric comes in many different types and weights. If you live in a cold climate, opt for a heavy-weight cotton-based fabric. If you live in a humid environment, choose a fabric that contains a high percentage of polyester. Remember that medical scrubs must meet strict rules to be safe to wear. A high-quality fabric must also meet FDA and AAMI standards. Listed below are some of the common types of fabric used for scrubs.

Polyester/spandex blends are another popular fabric for nurse scrubs. This blend of fibers provides durability while spandex adds stretch to the fabric. The poly/cotton fabric is also moisture-wicking. Most poly-cotton scrubs contain a small amount of spandex, but they retain the comfort and elasticity of cotton. Poly-cotton blends are easier to wash and drier than 100% cotton scrubs.

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There are many types of pockets on nurse scrubs. The most common are rectangular patch pockets. These are great for holding a wide range of instruments and accessories, but they don’t have twiddly bits or flaps. They are also easy to access, but they can also allow some stuff to fall out. Some nurses add Velcro to the inside edge of the pockets to keep them closed when not in use. The style of pocket on scrubs pants can also be a deciding factor.

You may want to choose a pair of scrub pants with a rib-knit back panel or an empire waist. These pants have enough pockets to hold any instrument you may need on a daily basis. If you are on a tight budget, look for a pair of scrub pants that have enough pockets. Pockets in this style are an important part of nursing scrubs. You will need them to help keep your hands clean, so consider how many you need.

While there are plenty of benefits to having pockets on nurse scrubs, consider the drawbacks. For example, chest pockets tend to weigh down small items while back pockets on pants are often bulky. Remember that your health is important and you should be comfortable while wearing scrubs. Comfort and ease of movement are important for your efficiency and focus, so if you don’t need too many pockets, that’s fine. But, you shouldn’t skimp on functionality.

A nurse scrub pocket organizer is an excellent way to keep all the nursing supplies in one place. Pockets on scrubs are generally large, but they tend to be too crowded for items. You’ll end up digging around for an item or two, which looks unprofessional and wastes precious time while you’re caring for patients. If you’re one of those nurses who can’t leave the office without your medical supplies, it’s time to get a nursing pocket organizer.

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The durability of nurse scrubs is largely dependent on the fabric and seam quality. Scrubs made of polyester, cotton, and rayon are typically durable and wash well. Some styles may also be made from spandex, which is not durable but does not wrinkle well. Other durable fabrics include rayon and cotton blends. These materials are easy to clean and don’t wrinkle easily. They are also less likely to shrink and stretch, which are important qualities for nursing scrubs.

Buying the right pair of scrubs can be expensive, but quality and durability are essential to your satisfaction as a nurse. While cheap scrubs can give you the satisfaction of working in the medical field, they may not stand up to the wear and tear associated with frequent use. Comfort is also important, so you want a pair of scrubs that won’t get damaged in the midst of patient care. Scrubs should fit well and feel comfortable.

One popular brand of scrubs is Barco, which is known for its comfort and stylish designs. Their scrubs are made with moisture-wicking fabric and are easy to maintain in color and shape. Their scrubs come in more than 12 different colors, and many brands offer more than one type of fabric. These fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and durable. The price range is also relatively reasonable, with the cost of many pairs of scrubs starting at less than $25.

Another important factor in nurse scrubs is their ability to prevent secondary infections. Healthcare workers often carry infectious bacteria from patient to patient, which can lead to an outbreak. Thus, the fabric used for nurse scrubs must have a ‘kill time’ that will kill off bacteria on the fabric. A good quality fabric is also antimicrobial and should be able to resist odor-causing agents, such as fungi and bacteria.

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