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Selling Dropshipped Products

Most people are easy to fall into the trap of wanting to dropship. While they want to start their first online store. Dropshipping seems the most appealing for several reasons.

On one hand, it is no need to stock any items. When an order comes in, you can simply place the exact same order to the drop shipper. And collect the profit based on the difference in selling price.

There would be no inventory, no fulfillment obligations and all you have to do is taking orders.

While dropshipping sounds like a dream come true, what most people don’t realize is that the profit margins are terrible and you have to provide customer support for problems that are completely out of your hands.

For example, sometimes your dropship wholesale supplier will mess up your order or ship your product late. Sometimes your drop shipper will send defective items. As an online store owner, you have to deal with all of these issues even though they aren’t your fault.

When you add the fact that your profit margins are extremely small (between 10-25%), you have a situation where you are sacrificing your mental health over problems beyond your control for very little money.

Even if you manage to find a reliable drop shipper, customer issues will still pop up and it will be much harder to deal with them when you don’t have control over your fulfillment.

In a nutshell, you are staking the reputation of your business on a 3rd party who may not have your interests in mind.

Normally speaking, it’s easier to become an affiliate rather than drop shipper. This way, you take your cut and you’re done. There would be no hassles.


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