As our always thinking, dropshipping is an excellent way to fill in gaps in your overall product line. For example, let’s say I sell handkerchiefs but I only have 3 private label styles of my own to sell.

Instead of launching a store with only 3 product items, I can fill out my selection with drop shipped goods. Most people aren’t aware that you can mix and match dropshipping with your own inventory but you can!

For those who are apprehensive about starting a small business. Dropshipping is also a good way to dip your toes in ecommerce without risking a lot of money.

While I would never base my online store solely on drop shipping. An easy way to find companies willing to drop ship is via a service called Worldwide Brands like Fuyi Group

We’ve used Worldwide Brands in the past to quickly find small business wholesale suppliers to fill out our inventory for sparse categories.

Generally speaking, most wholesale suppliers will not want to drop ship for you unless you can demonstrate that you are a legit business that can drive sales.

And while many vendors don’t openly advertise that they’ll drop ship, you can sometimes negotiate a dropship arrangement if you just ask. And nowadays supplier like Fuyi Group can always gain RTS (ready to ship) items for your selection. Which makes your dropship realized in an easier way.

For information on how to start a dropshipped business and approach a dropship vendor, read the linked posts.


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