Scrubs are what we do, and we pride ourself on making the best woman’s, mens medical scrubs on the market. There are many means that we can help you find the perfect scrubs and medical clothing to fit your brand and fit your needs. We have a large team of experienced reps to help with this. However sometimes just seeing a product on a website or seeing a scrub or other medical clothing at a scrubs store doesn’t do it. We understand, we feel the same too. You don’t see the scrub for all its worth, how it would fit your body and how the color looks on camera.

Because of this we are moving with the times and taking our scrubs and medical uniforms to the big screen, or should we say the little screen. We feel that live stream is a perfect medium to present our products in a direct way that allows you as a partner to get a proper feel for the clothing we have on offer. Doctors scrubs, nurse scrubs, medical coats and all other related medical clothing will be on display. This is a major change for us and a change we are investing a lot of time and resources in not just to boost sales, but also to perfect the service that we offer to you. This change started at the beginning of April and we had our first live stream at the beginning of May 2021, which was a huge success for us and those who took part and watched the live stream.

Why should I watch the live stream? Whats in it for me?

Whats on offer?

The products we will be displaying are not just the run of the mill standard scrubs that we have been making for years. The products on display will be the highest quality medical clothing around, and it not just quality we are looking at its also choice. Our live stream will feature some fantastic new medical uniforms that a lot of our partners out there do not know about yet. These uniforms will be the best of the best from our range and will be displayed first on our live stream.

Some hidden extras? Yes please.

During live stream our presenter Jamie will most likely have some little extras in store for those who take part. This may come in the form of discount or some additional extras on top of the scrubs and clothing you are seeing. Of course this depends on the quantity of products ordered at checkout, but lets say we are spreading the love with these little extras, right? Who doesn’t love free, free and more free ;)

When, where and why am i not watching right now?

Our live stream has a fixed date of every Thursday New York time 10.00pm (22.00), so keep it in your dairy and don’t let it ever get away from you. All of our live stream of our scrubs come directly from our medical clothing sample room which is located at our company HQ – the big house as we like to call it. Our HQ is also confidentially a stones throw away form our warehouse so all the products that we have on display have been hand picked from there and taken directly to our HQ. So know you know the time you know the place, how do you watch it? Thats an easy one, we will post the link for all our live streams a periodically through the week running up to the live stream. We will also be making this known of Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing. If you do miss our live stream for whatever reason and, washing your hair for sure isn’t a reason, then you can see all of our live streams on replay the day after they have streamed.

Don’t wait for the live stream to end to make your scrubs order.

During the live stream we have a number of scrubs experts and technical assistants on hand to help with your order or enquiry about our scrubs. As we mentioned above medical clothing is what we do and is hat we are passionate about, so our team will have you covered no matter what. And as we have also mentioned above there will be little additional extras for those of you who make an order with our team.

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