The term “wholesale” gets thrown around a lot. Whenever anyone asks me about wholesale goods and where to find a wholesale distributor. I always emphasize that the word “wholesale” can be misleading.

“Wholesale pricing” seems to imply that the price is the lowest that you can find. But that’s rarely the case. When I was looking for a wholesale vendor in the US for our online store. All of the small business “wholesale” suppliers quoted extremely high prices that were comparable to Supermarket.

Sure, they were cheaper than MSRP (MSRP is just a made-up number anyway). But the wholesale prices are sufficiently high that the profit margins on the low end for the products we wanted to sell.

To make things worse. There were already a large number of competitors selling the exact same products at close to the wholesale price. While sourcing your products from the US (or your home country) is generally going to be more expensive. It does have its advantages.

Because many products are not from the United States anymore, wholesale suppliers take care of all the hassle of importing and warehousing the goods from the manufacturer.

You don’t have to travel to a foreign country. Or deal with shipping or customs. You just place your order and the merchandise appears at your doorstep.

Finding domestic wholesale suppliers also saves you time from having to perform extensive quality control checks on your merchandise because presumably the wholesale supplier has gone through it all already.

The simplest way to find a small business wholesale supplier in the US is by Googling the company of the product you want to sell such as scrubs. Then going on their website like Fuyi Group, and finding out who their wholesale distributors are.

Smaller companies normally don`t have distributors and will sell to you directly. Typical wholesale discounts are on the order of 30-50% off MSRP. And depending on the item and the brand, the minimum order can be as low as a hundred dollars.

Another great way to find wholesale merchandise is by attending local trade shows. All supplier information is sorted by product category and you can easily find a niche specific convention to attend. And you can find the best wholesale suppliers at trade shows because they go through a vetting process and have the funds to invest in a booth.


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