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Customized service

Your customers are not all clones

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumers and businesses want things their way. We all expect businesses to provide custom options. Put simply, we are becoming increasingly used to customization. In many cases, we have come to expect it. If you want your business to become competitive, you will need to be completely aware of what your consumers want. You will also have to keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing. If you offer something much more specific to your target audience, customers, or prospects, your chances of succeeding will be much greater. Customization is one feature you could offer that your customers would appreciate. If you don’t but your competitors do, your business will struggle to survive.


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    OEM supported! If you have more ideas about your design, any style, logo, quantity, fabric, let us know, we will make your dream into reality.

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    After confirmation with quotation and artwork, we will arrange on sample making, normally it can be delivered within 3-5 days after your deposit arrangement.

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    During your waiting time, more new and hot styles would be recommended on our page, and then the door-to-door delivery may add you to an amazing experience.






  • Can you make sample according to my own design?

    Yes, you can. we are able to help you to make your design dreams come true. Simply put we can make woven label or heat transfer logos. For logo cost, we normally charge $30-$50 for each logo design.

  • Can you tell me the material difference on TRS/TS/TC?

    Our TRS fabric is the most popular material with the same quality and feels as FIGS, --which is 72% polyester, 21% rayon, and 7% spandex and has a weight of 200gsm. TS fabric is more entry-level for our partners is and is composed of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, which is the same quality as Chreokee -- this fabric is comfortable, stretchy and quick dry. TC is our traditional back to basics which is composed of 65% cotton 35% polyester which is of the same quality as Barco. Its made with natural fiber cotton and we have a basic style at a competitive price.

  • How can I order a sample?

    It is easy as you shop online, pick and order directly with your preferred item. and contact us for your ideal design.

  • How long it will take if i order a sample?

    If order from our stock products without any logo we can send within 3-5 days after we get your payment. If you would like to have your own logo on the sample or customized a special new pattern, this will take 10-14 days as we need more time to arrange other parts of the production

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