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—My business

My name is Monica and I am from North Carolina, USA. 15 years ago, my father opened a uniform store, in this city, our customers are all over the hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, and we mainly deal in major American brands.

I took over this nurse scrubs store 5 years ago. In the beginning, our business was the same silence as before. With the advent of the epidemic, the demand for scrubs has intensified. Many of my customers hope that I can provide cheaper scrubs with the same quality. Because of the epidemic, they need to be changed more often, but the scrubs price in the market would always cost $85 for each set.

Stylish Nursing Scrubs Wholesale

—Demand for customizing

At the same time, some nurses came to us and told us that they wanted to buy scrubs and distribute them to make more money, but I couldn’t meet their requirements, because other suppliers can’t provide such a small batch of customized services.

—Looking for a supplier

One day I suddenly saw Alibaba through an advertisement. I searched for medical scrubs and found a lot of suppliers. One of them, Fuyi, caught my attention. They have a lot of styles of nursing scrubs for sale, and when I signed up for an account in the mood to give it a try, I sent an inquiry to their salesperson, Yilia. I received a reply within 1 minute, and she recommended me yoga pants and magnet buckle styles that have become very popular recently. She said that this magnet button top can be closed very magically, and you don’t have to worry about running out at work.

—Trial Order

Most importantly, their prices are always nice, about 1/4 of the traditional brands. Even so, I’m still worried because I’ve never ordered anything in China, I just go to my last wholesaler to get it. But the attractive profit trigger my try, I placed an order for 50 sets, and after 30 days, I received 2 packages from China by UPS. And in the meantime, I didn’t have to do anything, they help me with all the importing process, which was an amazing experience.

Best Nursing Scrubs

—No MOQ concern

I put these for sale in my store because the price was a lot cheaper and they are sold out very quickly, and then I tried to ask their sales if they could put a logo on my clothes. Yilia gave me a variety of different options for knitting /hot labeling /embroidery, she showed me samples and gave me great advice, and most importantly they have a lot of different styles ready to ship available, so no matter what I order, any quantity can be marked up.

—Long-term cooperation

I have been buying regularly from them now, now we become the firm business partner with their Fuyi Group, they will tell me the first time when they have all kinds of novel designs, which makes my products more attractive. I am really very happy to choose Fuyi, my important future partner. They offer professional services and high-quality products to make me go farther than my peers.