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—Difficulty for small business

I am a registered nurse(RN), and I just started my small business of nurse scrubs. I was a little bumpy in the early days of my business. The first thing I did was to find a reliable supplier. With the help of China’s huge supply system, I started to cooperate with different platforms. During this period, I have also run in a few, but the physical feeling it gives me is really not very good, either the quality problem or the price problem and for me, the styles they can provide are relatively simple, with very few choices, especially single, besides there are also very high requirements for the MOQ of the styles, which really made it difficult for small brands like us until I met Fuyi Group.

Nurse Scrubs set wholesale —Support from partners

I learned about Fuyi Group from social media channels. I learned that their product design is very beautiful, and new products are launched every month, which greatly expands our choice space. In addition, Fuyi Group is also an enterprise with a huge production and processing system. They have rich resources of finished products which are ready to ship. They are very friendly to buyers of small batches and multiple styles. At a certain cost, we have more choices. Every time we cooperate, the business person can always patiently recommend the current popular and market-selling styles, which saves me a lot of time for research and testing. The styles they recommend often bring very good sales. I appreciate Fuyi Group for the help.

Best Nurse Scrubs

—My concern

On the other hand, what I want to talk about is the quality recognition of Fuyi Group’s products. Based on the advantages of multiple styles and the low quantity mentioned above, the price of Fuyi is still very reasonable. Compared with similar suppliers, I can get it from them. Very affordable price, I was a little worried about the quality of the product at first, so we only started a test order of dozens of pieces. About a week later, I received the product I had ordered. The fast delivery made me feel that it was no different from home shopping. After opening the product and looking at it, I was even more surprised.

—Build my confidence

Whether it is TS fabric or TRS fabric, the texture looks very good. The place is good and it is very comfortable to wear. As soon as it was put on the shelves, it won good feedback from customers who entered the store. Many customers placed orders directly, and some customers missed their favorite styles or suitable sizes because they came late. I was anxious to ask when I could wait for the next batch to arrive. The first cooperation with Fuyi brought me strong confidence. Therefore, we planned the second cooperation in less than a month. This time, the quantity and style have been greatly expanded. Based on the pre-orders in hand and the trust in Fuyi products, I believe that If we can have longer-term cooperation, we also believe that our brand can continue to grow stronger day by day.