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—About me

My name is Jennifer, I am a medical student, and the association with nurse scrubs stems from personal experience. As a Muslim woman, the dress is conservative and standard. Therefore, I usually choose scrubs that are one size larger, which can cover the buttocks and prevent them from going out. However, such wearing is neither convenient, comfortable nor aesthetically pleasing.

—My business idea comes

Last year, when I was interning in a hospital, something embarrassing happened. The medical scrubs uniform I wear doesn’t fit well. When I take care of patients, my back is often exposed unintentionally. This embarrassed me, and at the same time, it also makes me reflect on, can’t the scrubs be more personalized and meet the needs of different groups of people? On the other hand, none of the scrubs brands on the market can meet my coverage and comfort needs. Whether for religious or personal reasons (such as covering up tattoos or scars, avoiding germs, or simply reducing laundry), there is a market for long-sleeved scrubs gowns with cover, so I came up with the idea of an independent design, creating a humane, comfortable, safe and durable functional nurse uniform. 

Nursing Uniform Wholesale

—Find Fuyi Group

Although the idea is beautiful, it is full of twists and turns in practice. First of all, I am looking for a reliable nursing uniforms supplier to provide customized services, however, there are a lot of suppliers in the market, either the price is high, or the effect cannot meet my requirements, which makes me very frustrated, does my design dream stop there? However, an accidental experience made me regain my confidence. When I searched for nurse scrubs suppliers on Facebook, a company called FUYI GROUP caught my eye. It is a Chinese manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, mainly engaged in fabrics. and nurse uniform.

—Cooperation starts

I tried to contact them, and I was greeted by an enthusiastic Sales, Joyce. Through her patient and professional explanation, I had a deeper understanding of nurse uniforms and fabrics, and then I expressed design ideas to her, and Joyce asked me for them. I took the sketches, quickly replied to me, and showed past successful cases. I took the attitude of giving it a try and paid the money. After a week, I received the finished pictures, which completely matched my ideas, and after another week passed, the sample arrived in my hands, no matter the design, fabric, or price, it exceeded my expectations, when I uploaded it on social media, I received likes and inquiries from friends and strangers, “Where is this? Nurse scrubs for a family, please link to the product…” This made me even more excited, and at the same time firmed up the idea of making a personal brand of nurse uniforms.

Nursing Scrubs

—After-sale service

Later, I continued to communicate with Joyce(from Fuyi Group) about whether I could customize small batches. Joyce helped me analyze and determine the plan that was suitable for me. After a month, I received the first batch of products. Surprisingly, Fuyi also provided entrepreneurial training. After listening to their courses carefully and putting them into practice, in just half a month, my products were sold out, and at the same time, messages urging me to replenish my products filled the chatbox. Thanks to Fuyi, and to Joyce, for helping me realize my dream of independent design. At the same time, I also gained a personal career. I will continue to cooperate with them to make nurse uniforms meet individual needs.