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Who are Fuyi Affiliates?

Fuyi Affiliates are partners of the brand who have the wish to expand their brand beyond the limits of their current circumstances. We team up with our affiliates to help them grow and become bigger brands than they are now. If you want to take your business to the next level get in touch with our team to find out more. Below is one of our affiliate timelines, from her first sample order to the current day she and her band have gone from strength to strength.

What are the benefits?

Become an affiliate of Fuyi and take your business from good to great! Our affiliate program allows partners to team up with us and make the most of the amazing financial incentives that we have to offer, and pump capital back into their own businesses.

As a Fuyi affiliate, you would be responsible for taking on our own in-house brand for sale in either your shop or brick-and-mortar store. As an affiliate of ours, you would have capital incentives that others do not, for example for all orders you make you would only have to pay 50% upfront, leaving you to sell your goods without the great amount of stress you would have otherwise.

As a Fuyi affiliate, you will also receive a great deal of support in the promotion of your cooperation with us, through social media, paid and unpaid Google, and Facebook advertising. On top of this, you will receive some amazing marketing material from our team which will help you in the promotion and sales of the goods that you have purchased.

How to become an affiliate?

So how do you become an affiliate and take your brand from good to great? Firstly, you can get in touch with our team about the finer details. You can contact our marketing department, Emma, on WhatsApp at +86-15712815126 and by email [email protected] . Emma has all the info on how to be a part of this program and what we can offer you.

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