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OutDoor by ISPO Returns with Exciting New Exhibitors and Products

Brief introduction about OutDoor by ISPO

OutDoor by ISPO is an extended exhibition of ISPO, the most famous sporting goods exhibition in Europe. It was founded in 1994 by the European Outdoor Association. Absolutely it would be a never-good chance for all wholesale scrub vendors like us. Outdoor product manufacturers from all over the world will participate in the exhibition. All previous exhibitions have achieved good results. The grade of the exhibition is first-class and has a guiding role in the industry.

This year’s Outdoor Products Exhibition in Munich, Germany (OutDoor by ISPO) was held at the Munich Exhibition Center from June 4th to June 6th. This is the second time the exhibition has been held since 2019, attracting manufacturers and exhibitors from all over the world.

Go sustainability and stay sustainable development

The theme of this exhibition is “Sustainability”, and the exhibition will showcase sustainable products and solutions, and how to reduce the impact on the environment during production and sales. This is also an important goal of ISPO, the organizer of the exhibition, hoping to promote the development and application of sustainability through the exhibition.

The exhibition is a grand event for the outdoor industry, showcasing the latest outdoor products and technologies. Exhibitors displayed a wide variety of products, including all kinds of outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories. The product and technical innovationIn addition, there are some innovative and environmentally friendly products, such as renewable energy equipment and products made of sustainable materials.

As a leading enterprise embracing environmental protection, Fuyi Group also brought environmental protection products in the clothing industry to this exhibition. Our represent series 309TS style uses high-quality environmental protection materials, and has special functions such as antibacterial, anti-electricity and splash-proof, and realizes medical care. The best experience for industry users. In addition, its extreme cost performance provides the most perfect presentation for consumers and buyers, totally no one would say no to this perfect cost-effective product.

What`s behind OutDoor by ISPO

In addition, the fair hosts a series of lectures and seminars on outdoor sports and environmental issues. Topics for some of these lectures include how to protect our natural environment, how to stay safe in the great outdoors, and how to use the latest technology to enhance the outdoor experience.

The organizer of the exhibition stated that this exhibition will be a very important event, which will bring together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to showcase the latest outdoor products and technologies and promote the development and application of sustainability. They believe that this exhibition will provide an excellent communication platform for outdoor sports enthusiasts and industry professionals, helping them better understand and apply the latest technologies and trends.

The great opportunity and the bright future

The exhibition attracts visitors from all over the world, including professional outdoor athletes, retailers, buyers and media representatives. They can see the latest products and technologies at the exhibition and communicate with exhibitors. In addition, the exhibition also provides a platform for exhibitors to communicate and cooperate with each other.

Overall, the Munich OutDoor by ISPO fair was a very successful event. It provides a platform for the outdoor products industry for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and technologies and communicate with professionals. In addition, the exhibition also provides a platform for exhibitors to communicate and cooperate with each other. We look forward to seeing what new innovations and technologies future outdoor shows will bring.

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