scrub fabric material with soft and breathable features scrub fabric material with soft and breathable features


What is TRS,TS and TC fabric we are talking about? and what`s the difference?

best material for scrubs
best material for scrubs

As an indispensable part of the medical industry, scrub fabric material must not only be comfortable and durable but also have certain protective functions. Here we will introduce several common fabrics, discuss their characteristics and uses, and help you better understand the selection and application of nurse uniform fabrics. Whether you are a medical staff or someone interested in the medical industry, I believe this article can bring you some useful information.

TRS: 72%Polyester+21%Rayon+7%Spandex

TRS, which we also call the Poly Royon 4-way Stretch Series, is our middle-range entry-level quality scrub series that is the go-to for many new and upcoming brands. Here we will be talking about the scrub fabric material on composition, styles on offer, colors and sizes, and lots lots more. So if you are still undecided about which scrubs style to purchase we can walk you through the process.

T is the abbreviation of Polyester(also called terylene), commonly known as “polyester fiber”, which is a composite of current spinning fiber and binary fiber composed of organic acid alcohol polycondensation. It belongs to synthetic fibers.

Rayon refers to viscose fiber, also known as viscose silk, which is a kind of man-made fiber. Viscose fiber is the main variety of man-made fibers and the second-largest chemical fiber variety in China.

Spandex is an elastic fiber, scientific name Polyurethane fiber (Polyurethane), abbreviated (PU). Its molecular structure is a chain-like, soft and extensible polyurethane that enhances its properties by linking with hard segments.

best fabric for scrubs
best fabric for scrubs

TS: 94%Polyester+6%Spandex

TS, which we also call Poly Stretch Series, is an entry-level material for the brands we work with., not just this, but due to its flexibility and lightweight feel, TS is perfectly designed and suited for warmer climates in Africa, South America, and Asia.

This material is popular with our partners there. Thanks to its fabric composition, TS allows us to create some awesome print scrubs specially designed to give a more personalized feel for the wearer, perfect for children’s hospitals and dentist practices, and everything in between. At the same time, TS fabric supports more possibilities, which feature splash resistance and breathability.

TS is the most flexible material out there. Accordingly, more and more nurses and doctors enjoy wearing medical scrubs made of 94% Polyester/ 6% Spandex fabric. Wholesale TS (94% Polyester/ 6% Spandex) scrubs from us.

material for scrubs
material for scrubs

TC: 65%Polyester+35%Cotton

TC fabric, which we call Poly Cotton Series, would be the best entry-level scrubs material to save your budget. Based on its functional design and nice price, TC scrubs becoming popular fabrics to some clients. Here we are going to talk about the fabric composition, and styles on offer and break the window for our TC style. If still confused about fabrics, why not have a try?

If you are going to wholesale favorable medical scrubs without much budget, please feel free to send us an inquiry for further details, get in touch today or leave a comment down below to find out more.


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