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We started way back in 1966, just before the Summer of love was upon the whole world. We have come a long way since then. Our company has grown from one factory to several. We have diversified our technology our processes and the way we work.


  • 1966

    Fuyi Group was established in 1966 as a state-owned enterprise

  • 1995

    We started on international trade and goods export since 1995

  • 2003

    Fuyi Group transformed into private ownership in year 2003

  • 2010

    Big step crossing in exporting sales to RMB 225 million

  • 2014

    Expand business not only in fabric but also the uniforms

  • 2017

    Build our wholly-owned garment factory in Southeast Asia

  • 2020

    Make our transition to CBEC from traditional international trade

  • 2021

    Promote our own brand overseas and make Fuyi Uniforms more widely spread

  • 2022

    Established our own in house Uniforms World brand

  • Future

    Annual output for exporting is over one million pieces, our story continues...

Today, Fuyi Group has expanded its market from medical uniforms to lab coats, workwear, chef uniforms, and school uniforms, cooperate partners from American, Europeans market to the whole world, and served for more than 2000+ retail partners.