We call our Myanmar factory the jewel in our crown because it is the place where some of our best models are made and also the place that gives the the biggest benefits to you our partners. Myanmar is one of the biggest manufacturing countries of clothing in the world, country is famous for its attention to detail and of course attention to quality, QC is one of the main factors that lead us to opening our own factory here and working with local people to make the best scrubs and medical clothing out there, no small feat.

Lets step back a year to when COVID19 was making its way around nearly every country in the world. We all made personal sacrifices and our lives were all changed by this event. Because of this event our factory workers to great effort kept going to work to make the scrubs that were needed for the medical world. As we are partnered with many government and private hospitals it was important for us to keep our scrubs and medical clothing production on track and provide these entities with the clothing they needed while they wee fighting COVID19. It was and still is a great effort on all our parts to make this happen and with medical scrubs and PPE being the foremost deterrent against the spread of viruses in hospitals.

Going forward we plan to expand our factory and the number of equipment and employees within them. This is all part of our further expansion of scrubs production and our general push to make more and better medical clothing and equipment. The expansion of such facilities also has a drastic effect on the local economy, making more jobs for the scrubs makers and boosting the overall welfare our workers. We are not an impersonal, out of touch company, we know what makes us tick and that always rests with who and how we make our medical clothing.

One of the biggest benefits that comes with having a factory in Myanmar is that we can export up to 41 different countries completely duty free. So that’s 200 factory works and growing producing 250,000 pieces of medical clothing every month to be shipped out completely duty free. Not a bad addition to the already fantastic quality we offer.

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